Monday, November 12, 2012

Canada is like a bird, it likes to soar freely

I often post about the natural beauty and exotic spots of foreign countries, forgetting that nothing can beat the natural wonders of my home country, Canada. Whether its the red-soil cliffs in Prince Edward Island, the Great White North of Kelowna, British Columbia, or Chirchill Manitoba...aka the Polar Bear Capital of the world, we are blessed to be living here. One of my ultimate bucket list is to visit every city and town in each province and territory God willing.

Few weeks back I went on a short trip with my colleagues to Blue Mountain, an alpine ski resort in Ontario, Canada, just north of Collingwood. Even though we were there for a conference and the weather was too warm for skiing, it was a wonderful opportunity to explore this beautiful small town that reminded me of old Europe. Here are few of the pictures that I took whenever I could get a chance to explore and speak with the locals.

 they saw me coming and flew so fast I could barely catch them on film

this is where we stayed for 3 days
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