Friday, November 11, 2011

Look and think before opening the shutter. The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera.

Beautifully stated by Yousuf Karsh, fellow Canadian and Turkish Born Photographer and Journalist. Three months ago I spend some time in Istanbul and surrounding Islands with my best friend and it was an amazing journey into the past intersecting with modern Turkey. The historical footprints left by 3 different civilizations (from the Byzantine to the Ottoman empire), the diverse culture, restless nights and the warmth and friendship we encountered have enriched our tour of this beautiful country. Here are the first installment of 4 part series of our visit and the historical and beautiful glimpses I managed to capture on camera:

Hagia Sophia
a former Orthodox patriarchal basilica, converted to a mosque, and now a museum in Istanbul,Turkey.

 inside was just a display of hundred years old architectural designs
Virgin Mary and baby Jesus depiction from Byzantine era unvailed by the Turkish government.
everywhere we went in Aya Sophia, it was painted with precious gems and gold

Ottoman foot prints left behind everywhere with Prophet Mohammed and his 4 Caliph's names assembled
Loved how early Christian and Islamic architectural designs intersected
those chandelair were beautiful and this picture doesn't do them justice

I climbed on one of the window to take this picture - I believe its Hagia Sophia's ceiling.
The Blue Mosque overlooking from the background.

Hope you had a wonderful 11-11-11......until next time.


Monique said...

what an amazing journey with so much history

hippie_cyndi said...

amazing pictures, love them huda. Can't wait for the rest.

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Lucija said...

I'm so so so happy I found your blog, it's so pretty!! And this post is <3
Follow each other? :)


Huda said...

thanks guys, much appreciated it.

Lidiya said...

The architecture is amazing <3

Baby Budget Blog said...

Oh god STUNNING!!! I NEED to start traveling again and get lost in all this beauty! Thanks for sharing!!

Huda said...

thanks guys, definitely Turkey is a country I would highly recommend visiting. Try to go there between July and September, its quieter and less touristy and crowded.