Saturday, March 30, 2013

History is a gallery of pictures in which there are few originals and many copies

It took me a while to process my trip to Cuba, mainly because its a place where you either visit for its affordable resort destination or to experience a country that has yet to find its place and stuck between a bygone cold war era with its decaying iconography and austere socialism amidst profitable tourism industry. Outside of the boring resort gate, also known as tourist prison (I'm calling you out Veradora) by Cubans, there are so many amazing local spots and artisans to explore. The jarring paradoxes and contradictory beauty in this small Island that has been a political thorn for some and an admiring force for many revolutions around the world can be overwhelming.

Our first stop was Havana and what an experience it was to be surrounded by erudite museums, alluring street festivals/theater and the everyday hustle and passion of Habaneros (the people of Havana). My favorite part was walking around UNESCO World Heritage site of old Havana, with its fascinating cluster of buildings and churches, mostly restored from near ruins in the past decade.
We met this interesting lady at the Historic Square - Plaza de la Catedral