Friday, January 27, 2012

In the depths of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer

I have what some might call fear and loathing for the dead silence and stark loneliness that can only come with winter. Whenever I'm back home, it always coincides with the freezing wind that feels like a cutting knife against your skin, the icy slippery ground and the endless rain followed by the uninvited snow storm. Even thou this year the gray winter hasn't reared its ugly head yet, I still suffer the blues over it. So, to compensate for being stuck in this weather for a little while longer (other than staring out the window and waiting for spring), I reminiscent over my travel pictures where the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing and the grass is green, to remind myself this winter will pass, if only with a bit more perseverance. Anyway, enough of my rant, here are some of my favorites moments this past year:

100 years old church @ Manitoulin Island - Wikwemikong 
(The tour guide explained to us even though they are Catholic, they do not believe in Trinity, rather that Jesus as a prophet and God as one entity.)

 MontrĂ©al Botanical Garden
there is something majestic about wheeping willow
Prince's Island - Turkey


hippie_cyndi said...

my favorites are the pictures from Turkey. I have love/hate relationship with winter as well. Since I'm an avid snowboarder, I find the blistering snow beautiful, but after a while you want spring and summer to come around.

Baby Budget Blog said...

I adore Willow trees. They are so magical! LOVE that shot and can't wait to visit my botanical gardens come spring!

Alexandra said...

I love all these pictures! Turkey looks amazing.

Alexandra xo

Lidiya said...

All of the photos are fantastic, Turkey looks gorgeous <3

Jerrica said...

Great description of your winter blues. I feel like this winter may have been mild but for some reason Spring never seemed so far away. Beautiful images.

Fashion Nostalgia

Monique said...

certainly one of my favorite winter quotes! lovely photos

Huda said...

thank you Cyndi, Monique, Jerrica, Lidiya, Alexandra and BBB, hope winter has been good to all of you.

HiFashion said...

All these pictures are so pretty. It's definitely put me in the mood for summer!

Ines said...

I am off to Turkey in August. Originally the plan was to learn scuba diving in Kas/Kalkan but Prince' island looks so beautiful that I want to see it !