Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Nation Under Construction.....Part II

While touring The University of Hargeisa and meeting with its sitting President, I came across this sign and thought how profound.

It spoke to me because in life, everything is constantly changing, nothing is ever static or permanent. Human progress whether its personal or in the case of Somaliland, national, is constantly evolving and under construction. I find it fascinating how everywhere you went in the city, it showed a nation in the process of rebuilding a country with its very limited resources. This tiny nation on the horn of Africa operates on less than $96 million GDP yearly, with no international aid. For those of us who are political science students, or anyone who finds human history interesting, the question that comes to mind is: what makes a nation. What are the fundamental ingredients necessary in creating a country? If its about a freely elected government monitored by UN and other Western bodies, a cohesive national identity that goes beyond ethnicity and religion and a protected and autonomous border, then Somaliland have met these criteria. 

The 2008 inauguration ceremony of newly elected Somaliland President.

Somaliland President, Silanyo inauguration speech

 This military plane stands as a simple of the end of the civil war and the defeat of Somalia's former dictator

University of Hargeisa

Somaliland military, part of the 3 military units: army, navy and air force.

Due to its lack of international recognition, no foreign funds is given to maintain its military. Somaliland spends nearly 25% of its limited national revenue on its security and the military gets the large share of it.

Somaliland is on a quest to achieve what it has set forth over 20 years ago: an international recognition as an independent self governing country. Whether it would achieve its long awaited dream remains to be seen.

ps. sorry for boring you with politics, but alas the last two parts of this series would be about the ever busy and crazy-fun Somaliland market. Not to mention the endless garbage that kinda ruins the natural beauty and unique architect of the city of Hargeisa.


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