Sunday, October 14, 2012

In Boston serpents whistle at the cold

I love this quote by Robert Lowell. The first time I went to Boston, I was a freshman representing my university to participate at Harvard Model UN debate. It took me another 7 years to visit this amazing city again when my best friend got into Harvard as a fellowship candidate. This time around I behaved more like a tourist, meeting up with friends and getting to know a bit more about Boston's rich history, amazing architect and museums. Without any particular order, we explored as much as we could from Freedom Trail Granary Burying Ground to Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology. Here are some of the pictures I took few months back.

 Harvard Yard
 The ever popular Mr. Harvard statue, I barely managed to snap a decent picture thanks to endless stream of tourists posing in front of it.
coincidentally it was a busy time on campus what with recent graduates and their families

Boston Public Garden

 Memorial Day commemoration

 We came across this couple getting married surrounded by friends and tourists
 beautiful duck, we have this particular Canadian duck on our loonies
 Granary Burying Ground

no picture can be complete without showcasing the amazing food options available across the city, it was so good, I do believe I gained at lease 5 pounds.

if you ever get the chance, I will highly recommend this restaurant, the decor alone is stunning and the food is equally amazing.


Wiktoria said...

great photos :)

Sherin said...

Boston looks like a great city. Would love to go there one day.

hippie_cyndi said...

aaah, my old school, how did you find Boston Huda?

Huda said...

hey Cyndi, I don't know, it was less interesting than the first time I visited. I loved Harvard and surrounding area thou, the museums makes it worth while.