Thursday, January 1, 2015

Learning expands great souls

Well hello there, wishing all of you a great new adventures in life and love in 2015. The title of my post comes from a beautiful Namibian proverb, African proverbs and literature are a testament to the beauty and complexity of the continent's history and culture. In'sha Allah 2015 will be a year of personal growth and expansion of knowledge through trials and travels. Today, I would like to profile the regality and beauty that is East Africa, Ethiopia and Somalia in particular. 

Ethiopia's diverse tribal region

Celebrating the birth of Jesus - Coptic Christians

Some of the nomadic men love of butter in their hair

Vintage Somali women traditional cloths

Present Day Somalia

Local Barbar
Traditional afternoon tea break

Famous braiding style that is rarely done today 

Wedding look - Both Eritrean and Somali women wear it

All these amazing pictures came from Somali forums, Al Jazeera and google discovery images.

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