Monday, December 26, 2011

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page

Inspiring words by St. Augustine, I hope everyone is having a great time on their Christmas/holiday break. Here are the rest of the pictures from my trip to Turkey few months back.

Topkapı Palace
the primary residence of the Ottoman Sultans for approximately 400 years 

we convinced this guard to pose for us.

one of the many beautiful garden on the palace

Ottoman library within the premise

overlooking the city of Istanbul
everywhere we toured, it was intrinsically designed with real gold and precious stones
the apartment of the Ottoman Crown Prince

the bedroom where the royal family slept - made with gold and pearls
the 'harem' quarter, have to say the least fun part of the palace tour.

Bosphorus (Istanbul Bogazi, Bogazici) Tour

we came across this ship - the Turkish gov't has given $$ millions to the famine crisis
the sunset was just so beautiful, overlooking the city


GlamorousGirl said...

Nice post! Merry Christmas!

designchic said...

Turkey looks amazing and your photography is fabulous!! A must for my bucket list.

Closet Fashionista said...

Wowie!! Such amazing photos!! :D

Monique said...

amazing photos, so great you got funding! to relieve the famine crisis. happy new year looking forward to more pics!

Alida said...

We loved Istanbul...we were there for two and a half months in 2010. I love the photos. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane!!

Baby Budget Blog said...

Marvelous photos! Can't wait to travel again this year!!! And those shoes are totally worth having just to put on a shelf and stare at!! :)

Huda said...

happy new years and thanks for your comments, much appreciated.

hippie_cyndi said...

Istanbul is one of my old time favorite cities. Love these pictures, you captured it so well Huda.

Baby Budget Blog said...

Can't WAIT to get myself to Turkey!!!! You go to the coolest places!! Oh, and don't beat yourself up too much if ya fall off slighly with the diet for this month :)